Sleep Sack - Celeste

Sleep Sack - Celeste

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Our beloved pure bamboo fabric now comes in the most incredible sleep bags that your little one is sure to love. Your little ones deserve luxury, and that is exactly what these are.

Sleep sacks are used in place of blankets. Because blankets are a hazard for little ones under the age of two, these are the most amazing and SAFE alternatives.

One thing we pride ourselves on at O&B is safety. Many sleep sacks on the market have long stitches that are lined in the interior of the bags. With enough wear, these strings can come loose from being pulled. This can cause loose threads to hang and they can become a hazard for little fingers and toes. Our sleep sacks do not have those stitches. No matter how much wear and wash these undergo, you won't ever have to worry about long strings becoming hazards inside the sleep bags.

We love our quality, but we love our little ones more! So we made sure to make the safest (and comfiest) sleep possible for your little ones.

PLEASE NOTE: If baby's head can fit through the neck hole being fully zipped up, please either size down or wait until they grow into that size.


Outer layers: 95% Bamboo 5% Spandex

Inner Layers: 100% Polyester fiber

CPSC complaint!!

1.0 tog

Safe tack down stitches to keep layers from shifting

Double zipper for those late night diaper changes